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Human Rights, Youth Voices etc.

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For Information Concerning the Crisis in Darfur

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Northern Uganda Crisis

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 Whistleblowers Need Protection


As Secretary of State


         Canada and the new Africa (February 28, 1998)

         Address to Canada/South Africa Chamber of Business (April 14, 1998)

         West Africa: A new frontier for Canadian business (April 1998)

         Stolen Childhood Innocence (Child Soldiers of Sierra Leone - May 1998)

         South Africa: Gateway to Southern Africa (May 28, 1998)

         Mandela: The Man Behind the Movement (October 1998)

         Africa: A Biography of the Continent (book review) (February 14, 1999)

         Remarks to Africa Society Conference (February 28, 1999)

         Nigeria: A Cautious Basis For Hope (July-August, 1999)

         An Ethical Foreign Policy Towards Africa (December 14, 1999)

         Nelson Mandela's Walk to Freedom (February 11, 2000)

         Africa Society 2000: Prospects for An African Renaissance (February 25, 2000)

         Friends of Mozambique Fundraiser (March 20, 2000)

         The Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Prospects for Peace (March 23, 2000)

         Promising Prospects for Canada-Africa Trade (May 7, 2000)

         Celebrating 40 Years of Nigerian Independence (September 30, 2000)

         Canadian Trade, Investment and Technology Links with Africa (October 2, 2000)

         Working Towards an African Renaissance (December 3, 2000)

         Ubuntu and the African Renaissance (February 12, 2001)

         The Role of the UN in Supporting African Countries to Achieve Sustainable Development (July 17, 2001)

         Whither Zimbabwe? (December 6, 2001)

         Opening Canada's Embassy in Libya (January 17, 2002)


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